Zoe Wodarz is an established creative artist with 20 years of expertise in trend research, surface design, pattern, illustration, product ideation and product line development.

Creative Brand Partnerships
Zoe has an extensive background working in-house and freelance with creative brands: luxury goods, editorial, home decor, stationery, food, giftware, beauty and textiles.

Her illustrative designs have been featured in advertising/marketing campaigns for brand social media, editorial and store merchandising. Zoe has had proven success conceptualizing and developing a variety of artistic aesthetics, content, and product ideation for retail companies worldwide as well as developing her own signature branded style. 

Art Style
By using bold color combinations, fresh trend and studio/digital design methods Zoe creates innovative yet approachable original art for each project. As a creative she works to find a balance between refined hand drawn statements and unguarded playful design. 


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