Zoe Wodarz is an established creative artist with 20 years of expertise in trend research, surface design, pattern, illustration, product ideation and product line development.

A Minnesota-based designer Zoe began her career as a studio artist, merchandiser and home decor gift-ware product designer working for companies such as Anthropologie, Midwest CBK and Target.

Over the last five years Zoe has combined her digital skills and fine arts background into a thriving design career working as a surface designer for consumer products and licensing her work to manufacturers for online shops and major retail companies worldwide.

Creative Brand Partnerships
Zoe has an extensive background working in-house and directly with creative brands: luxury goods, editorial, home decor, stationery, food, giftware, beauty and textiles.

Her illustrative designs have been featured in advertising/marketing campaigns for brand social media, editorial and store merchandising. 

Design Style
By using bold color combinations, fresh trends and a variety of studio/digital design methods Zoe creates innovative yet approachable original art for each project. As a creative she works to find a balance between refined hand drawn statements and unguarded playful design. 

Her online shop launching in 2019 - will feature art prints, textiles, home decor items and more.

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