Welcome to the trend board challenge!

How does the challenge work?

- A new trend board will be posted every few weeks on my website / instagram.

- You create a new design based on the trend board - this is a starting point only so make it fit your style - designer, illustrator, product designer, surface designer, collage, typography, photography, cooking... whatever makes you happy! I personally love a good unusual art combo. Group and school project entries are also welcome!

- tag the work #trendboardchallenge and if your feeling nice you can follow me @zoewodarz so i can share your work. I will feature your awesome designs but you can always go and #heart to your hearts content and support each other! This is a space to be inspired and push yourself as a designer!

- Trend boards are for inspiration... please make sure you take these ideas and bring something new into the world!

Where can i find past boards and design entries?

Past trend boards are archived below and design entries can be found on instagram #trendboardchallenge.

To learn more about the challenge, request a special theme, or just chat on trend - contact me on instagram.

Do you design trend boards for creative industry clients?

Yes, I'd love to create trend boards for your business by style, season or category please contact me for more information.

Need help learning a new technique? I'm a big fan of Skillshare for picking up new skills wherever you are. If your interested please use code for 2 free months of Skillshare!

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